Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Smile of a Child

I have been feeling really down lately.  Maybe it is the drastic change in the weather.  Yesterday was a nice 70 degree sunshiney day and today is -2 degrees with the windchill and snow and ice cover the ground.  It really is true what they say about Texas weather, "it will change in the blink of an eye". 

So today, I am sitting in my cozy living room with a warm fire in the fireplace enjoying my babies.  As I sit there and stare off into the flames of the fire I contemplate the fire that is burning in my heart.  Over the past couple years I have let my relationship with Christ slip.  As Christians, I think we all do this from time to time.  But this time has gone on too long and I find my mind and heart drifting to the things of this world rather than the heavenly things that matter, such as relationships and serving others.  This fire in our fireplace reminds me of the fire in my heart to be closer to my Heavenly Father.  I want to spend some time and feel close to Him like I once was.  So I have decided to make it a priority in my life, rather than something that is on my to-do list.

As I am deep in thought about my relationship with Christ, my children start to wake up from their nap and I find myself distracted from my thoughts and begin preparing bottles for feeding time.  I go through the motions with them...getting one diaper changed, then the other...propping them up on their pillows ready to eat and then begin feeding them.  My head is pouding due to the tension headache that has been nagging at me all day, but I try to focus on my beautiful children.  After they finish, I lay our daughter Kaitlyn back down for her nap and finish feeding our son Knox the rest of his bottle.

Knox has now learned how to smile.  Not just the small cracked smile, but the full faced, mouth wide open smile that would melt any mother's heart.  I realize that his eyes are locked right on mine and I start to flirt back with him...smiling and cooing at him.  He starts to laugh!!!  This is the first time I have seen either of my children laugh out loud.  My heart melted and I wanted to trap the moment in a bottle and keep it forever.  We went about this flirting business for a good 10 minutes.  Knox would smile at me and laugh and I would smile back and make little baby sounds at him.  Then I finally put him down for his nap.

This moment with my son made me remember God's word and how he wants us to be child-like in our faith.  In both my spiritual and personal life, I have become too overcome with earthly priorities and stress that I have forgotten to enjoy the sweet moments such as my son smiling.  I looked outside and said a prayer to my Father above that I would remember to be child-like in my faith with Him.  I know He would enjoy seeing me smile more often just as I enjoyed seeing my son smile today. 

Thank you Father for the simple joys in life.  Thank you for always providing what I need exactly when I need it.  I know that Your hands are all over my family and that You and Your angels are watching over my family.  I pray that You would continue to guide my heart to the places that You desire it.  That You would grow my children to have hearts that seek Yours.  Thank you for the simplicity of today and the beauty of the snow and fire.