Thursday, June 14, 2012

When all you can do is cry!

Moving from city to city is like second nature to me.  I have been somewhat of a nomad since I first left my parents' nest at the young age of 17.  The thought of the new city, new adventure, new people, and new experiences always excited me.  Of course I always moved when either single or married with no kids.  Yes, each move brought new challenges, such as a new job search, or finding a place to live.  But nothing was ever too stressful that it absolutely made me go crazy.

Maybe it's my pregnant hormones that are raging in this 6th month of pregnancy.  Perhaps it is the thought of moving with 2 toddlers and figuring out how to facilitate that.  Or maybe it's the stress of trying to find a new pediatrician, new OBGyn, and hospital to deliver this new baby, but I am about to have a mental and emotional breakdown.  Gone are the days of excitement over a new move and in rushes the fear of not being capable to handle it all.

As most of my friends know, I am a type A personality who likes structure and routine in my life.  I go a little nutty at the thought of the unknown.  My sweet husband is stressed about the normal things: his new job, finding a place to live, getting us moved to our new city, and making sure that I stay happy.  I don't think he knows about all the little things that a move with children entails.  I find myself running in circles, trying to figure out what takes the most priority. 

At the end of the day, I realize that I am a vastly different person than I was pre-children and my ability to multi-task has increased 10-fold.  But really, all I want to do is grab a strong margarita, sit on the patio and cry about the insanity of it all!