Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crochet Mania

Being a stay at home mom is a wonderful feeling for me.  I am in control of how our children are raised and I couldn't be happier!  However, I have sacrificed a huge part of our household income to be able to do this.  Because I consider myself a "crafty" person, I am in the process of amping up my crochet line in an effort to sell these items at a local craft fair.  If I am successful, I will then try to promote my items at local boutiques.  I am hoping for a great success!

In the meantime, there is yarn all over my living room and many unfinished pieces lying about.  LOL, as if the baby stuff wasn't enough to take over our small home, I had to go add yarn!  Thank goodness my husband is understanding. 

Pic of the finished products will be posted soon!  Think headbands, flowers, pacifier clips, bows, custom hats, and other "frilly" items!  I better get to work :)